Our Trucks

Trucks in DubyCo are of the highest quality, and if you choose to transfer your goods in one of our 14 Eurocargo trucks, you will not make a mistake. Trailers are large and we guarantee that no matter what you want to transfer, we are able to do it fast, easily and with accuracy.

The vehicle is 6,5 meters long, 2,42 meters wide and 2,55 meters tall. If you need a big capacity truck, DubyCo is the right company for you. 16 euro palettes per one truck will be quite enough for your needs. Carrying capacity is amazing 3,000 kg and that proves that our trucks are suitable for transferring large boxes, palettes and all kinds of goods you can think of. That means that we can carry 42,000 kg at a time, which is huge. The type of the trucks is trucks type tarps, which means that there will be more than enough room for whatever you need.

One thing is for sure – it is really hard to find better trucks than the ones we own, and we will be more than happy to provide you with all the services you need. The size, the capacity, the style and the number of available trucks at a time… We have all you need.